Parking and garage

In close proximity to the buildings there are a number of parking spaces and garages. As they are limited we employ a queuing system for these. The queue for garages is longer as there are fewer of these. A normal parking space will usually be easier to get, somewhat depending on the amount of sales.
We have a few spaces with charging outlets for electric cars.

Since parking is limited we only allow one space per apartment.

Current prices for parking spaces per month:
Without motor heater outlet: 75 kr
With motor heater outlet: 150 kr
With battery charging outlet: 500 kr
Garage: 350 kr

Fill in the form below if you wish to be placed on queue for a parking space (with or without access to power outlet for winter heating) or a garage. Remember to write which of these you want (or both if you wish to continue queuing for a garage after you receive a parking space).

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