Information from the board, spring 2022

Rules for parking Brf Generator, valid from May 1st.

As you probably know, the security company Rapid Security has started patrolling the area and checked that parking rules are being followed.

The rules are these:

-You can only park in the parking space you pay for.

-Prohibited for residents of the association to park in the visiting parking spaces. This can result in a fine.

-Parking spaces for visitors are only for short term accommodation in Brf Generatorn.

To facilitate compliance with the rules, parking permits will be issued. These should be placed clearly in the windscreen on the left side. Parking permits will be issued in person.

This will happen on the following occasions:

25/4 18-19.

1/5 10-11.


May 2-8, a container for bulky waste will be set up on the turnaround at Generatorgatan 3C. Take the opportunity to clean out the storerooms!


From 25th of april, a representative from the board will be available in the office in the basement on Generatorgatan 3A on the last monday of the month, 6-7 pm.

You are warmly welcome to ask questions or leave comments!

Reminder of rules for everyone’s comfort

Car washing outside the garage is prohibited by law. This is because the water via daywells flows directly into Väsman, without purifying from harmful substances.

Walking of dogs should not take place around playgrounds and other social areas. Dog poop must always be picked up from the area.

Cigarette butts should not be thrown on lawns or from the balcony.


Documents for the meeting are placed in mangle room by the laundry room in Generatorgatan 1, by the books outside the sauna at Generatorgatan 3, and on our home page