Practical information

Here you will find some practical information which can be of use to you as a member. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on the board.


If a key breaks, or if you loose a key you should get in touch with the superintendent (vicevärd).

Kitchen fan/Ventilation

All apartments have their own individual exhaust air ducts in the kitchen. You can connect a stove hood or kitchen fan with or without carbon filter to these.
OBS! Cupboard or fan installation that covers the duct needs to be installed in a way that enables access without much dismantling, to enable cleaning of the duct.
During mandatory inspection of the ventilation in 2018 we were informed that the exhaust air duct should not be blocked and as such a kitchen fan should constantly be turned on at the lowest setting to get proper ventilation of the apartment. When renovating kitchen it is therefore recommended to select a fan with a “quiet mode”.

Selling your apartment

If you plan to sell your apartment there are some things that can be worth noticing.

You can hire a real estate agent who will help you with contracts and membership application for the buyer.

If you choose to sell your apartment yourself we can provide contracts and an application form from the cooperative. Get in touch with the board in this case. You will be provided with three copies of the contract. You should then return with a signed contract and a membership application to the board.

Laundry room

The cooperative has two modern laundry room facilities (with two laundry rooms each) which you will find on the short side of Generatorgatan 1 and Tre Krokars Gata 20. Outside the laundry rooms you will find a booking list where you can sign up. Each laundry room has two washing machines and a centrifuge, to each laundry room there is also a drying room. A shared room with a drying tumbler, mangle and ironing board is also available.


In the attic in each staircase you will find storage spaces. The spaces are usually inherited from the previous owner. Make sure to put a padlock on your storage. In the basements you will also find a cold storage space.

Waste handling

A recycling station is available at the corner of Magnetbacken/Grottvägen, below V-Com

For larger waste we refer to Björnhyttans recycling central.


If you wish to get a parking space or a garage you can queue for a space. The easiest way is to use this page. Please observe that it is not allowed to park in front of the doorways. Loading and unloading is of course allowed but not parking. It could prevent access for emergency services and during the winter season these areas are plowed so cars can’t block them.


The cooperative has a number of tools which you can borrow. Contact the superintendent (vicevärd) if you want to know more.