Summer letter 2021 from the board

Radon measurement spring 2021

The radon measurement showed values above the limit in a few apartments, but in general, we are below the accepted limit of 200 Bq / m³. Ludvika municipality has not given us an order for action yet, but we will carry out shorter measurements later this autumn in the apartments that had higher values then accepted. The board will contact the apartment owners in question. These of you who had measuring equipment in your apartments may contact the board if you want the report for your apartment.

Transition to HSB regarding the .BRFs financial management.

On 1 July, the BRF’s financial management will be transferred to HSB. Information on how the fee will be paid was sent by letter on 24 June. Those who have had ”autogiro” before must pay the first three invoices that came with the mail manually. For future fees, however, you can choose whether you want e-invoice (e-faktura), direct debet (autogiro), Kivra or PDF via email, more info can be found in the letter from HSB.

Food waste sorting

At the end of July, it’s time for us to start sorting food waste. This means that all residents will start sorting out the food waste and putting it in a separate food waste bag. The bag is then placed in the new containers that will be out on the courtyard. In connection with the startup, the board will distribute a starter package to each household. The starter pack contains a food waste container to have under the sink, a bundle of 80 food waste bags, a sludge scraper and more detailed information from WBAB.

After the starter packs has been distributed, we will close the rubbish dump (sopnedkast) and start using new containers located outside in front of Grottvägen 15A, Generatorgatan 3C and Tre krokars gata 20A.

Both food waste and residual waste must be disposed of there. The containers are marked. Residual waste is what is left over after you have sorted out food waste, packaging in paper, plastic, glass and metal, newspapers and recycled paper.

We will hand out the starter packs and place them outside each door.

Packaging willl be thrown away just like today at the recycling stations, for example at the intersection Grottvägen-Magnetbacken.

If you have any questions or concerns about how food waste collection works, there is more information at

Water warning equipment

Its time to replace the battiers in the water detectors which were installed in the apartements in 2018. They were installed to be able detect any leaks early.

Changing the batteires can be done yourself – according to the instructions below – or you can contact HSB who will help you with this.

We have extra bought batteries, so if you want one, you can contact someone on the board and we will deliver it to you.

Cleaning of public areas

The cleaning of the public areas on our attics is complete. Our long-term plan is to create a  few more storage rooms, that we will be able to rent out to the residents in the future.

We have also planned to give away more bicycles that we have stored. This will probably happen later this autumn.


We would like to remind you that the black side of the blinds should be facing inwards the aparment, and that you should avoid having the blinds half raised. Otherwise there is a risk that the windows will burst due to the temperature difference that occurs

Telia package

We still have a number of packages with routers and TV boxes from Telia left. Those who have not picked up are welcome to do so, contact the board and we will deliver it!

New benches

During May-June, parts of the board renovated two benches that were donated to us. We have now put these benches at the playground and in front of Grottvägen 15. We hope that you will be able to enjoy the summer a little extra with these new benches!

Happy midsummer wishes the board of BRF Generator!