Update on common internet and TV from Telia

We have now signed the deal with Telia about signing a common deal for all our apartments regarding internet and TV from Telia. Because of the vacations it took a bit longer than expected – thus we will not start this in October as discussed on the yearly meeting. Our goal is to start as soon as possible, but still leave 3 months to close any deal regarding internet and/or TV from other suppliers.

Start of the new contract:

The new contract will start on the 1st of December 2020. We therefore encourage everyone that today have a deal regarding internet or TV to terminate these immediately and give the 30th of November as last day of usage in the old contracts.

If you already have terminated your contracts and asked for a last day of usage earlier than the 30th of November, please look into extending this. Alternatively, we recommend signing a contract with Telia privately for the intermittent period as all these will be automatically transferred into the group contract on the 1st of December. Thus, ensuring the smoothest transition.

Increased membership fee due to internet:

As was decided on the yearly meeting in June, we will increase the membership fee per apartment with 290 kr per month to cover that the invoice for internet and TV will be paid by the Brf. This will start from the payment for December, please note that this fee is due to pay in November!

Offer for Brf Generatorn (Swedish)

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The board