New property management

Important information to members of Hc (Brf) Generatorn

As we mentioned in the christmas letter we have worked to find a solution regarding property management, as our janitor is retiring. We have decided and have signed a contract with HSB Dalarna, that is also managing out neighboring cooperatives. HSB will assume the management from 2018-03-01.

HSB has a sevice centre that receives fault reports during daytime, the phone number is
0243 – 25 71 25.
If there is a problem in your apartment that you wish to receive help with, call the service centre and they will register all information and inform the property manager who will get in touch with you. Costs for help in your home will be billed by HSB.

If there are urgent matters on evenings and weekends you can call HSB on-call phone at
0243 – 25 71 45, please note that this should only be used if there are faults that need to be fixed before next working day.

You can find this information inside the front door of each staircase from 2018-03-01.

Curth Lindenbrandt will be our new superintendent (vicevärd) for the cooperative. Curth has been a member of the board for several years and is very familiar with the cooperative.

We believe that all of this will be a very good solution for our cooperative.

Best regards
The board