Update on common internet and TV from Telia.

We have now received the new Routers and TV receivers from Telia. Some of us in the board will therefore be available at the BRF’s office on the end of Generatorgatan 3A (entrance opposite the red bike shed) to distribute this equipment to you at the following times:

• Tuesday the 24th of Nov at 18-20
• Thursday the 26th of Nov at 18-20
• Saturday the 28th of Nov at 10-13

Start for the new agreement:
The new agreement will take effect on 1 December 2020. There are pedagogic instructions for
how to get started with the new equipment yourself – but if you want help getting started, all
residents have the right to installation assistance. If you want any help, it is ordered via Telia’s
Customer Service and a technician will then come out and connect Internet, the TV box and if you have one – IP telephone. Everything will work from 1 December, so if you want installation help, you can call Customer Service and order it 1/12 or later. The same applies to you who today have e.g. broadband but not TV from Telia, then after 1/12 you will be able to activate the new services by calling Customer Service or activating it via www.telia.se/aktivera.

A decision you need to make:
As the connection point to the broadband router in our apartments is in the hall, while the TV
receiver is normally placed in the living room, you will need to choose how you want to connect
these two devices. One option is to buy Telia’s solution for wireless TV called AirTies. These units are then ordered by you directly from Telia and can be installed by Telia’s technicians. Another option is to buy a wifi amplifier (repeater) from e.g. ASUS that can do the same thing at a lower cost. However, Telia’s technicians do not help to install equipment that we did not buy from them – so on our website we will post instructions on how to install an
ASUS RP-N12. The same instructions should also work if you choose to go up a little in price and
e.g. buys an ASUS RP-AC55. A third alternative is to buy a long network cable that is pulled
between the hall and the living room – preferably by setting up a self-adhesive cable duct to pull it in. We will show examples of the two later options in the Office where you pick up the equipment.