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Postponed Annual association meeting!

As you all know the government has, at the recommendation from the public health authority, urged everyone not to gather in larger groups in order to reduce the spread of the corona virus. This has also led HSB and the property owners to recommending that tenant-owner associations postpone their annual meetings. We have therefore decided that the Annual General Meeting of Brf Generator will also be postponed to June at the latest.

If anyone does not agree with this decision, please contact Mikael Hjort or anyone else on the board, then we will review our options for organizing a digital AGM.

Annual meeting
The annual meeting was scheduled for April 22, but since we do not know when it is safe to conduct the meeting, we cannot today say the exact date of the meeting. If it is not possible to conduct a general meeting in person, we will arrange a digital annual general meeting.

(Excerpt taken from Spring newsletter, which you can find on the page about the cooperative)

Best regards
The board

In regards to the fires at Högberget

In regards to the fires at Högberget.

The Police and Rescue Service Dala Mitt encourages:

• Keep stairwells and basements free from inflammable objects as far as possible.
• Make sure that no inflammable materials are in proximity of the facade.
• Make sure that doors are closed and locked when passing them.
• In the event of a fire – stay in the apartment, keep the door closed and call 112.
• Pay attention if you see unknown persons moving nearby the buildings. Contact the police 114 14 if you see anything out of the ordinary.

It is important that you as a member don’t throw waste in the wrong place, i.e. the stairwell. Also make sure to keep stairwells, attics, and basements free from things such as strollers, furniture and similar. It is a fire hazard and obstructs escape routes.

Our members shall have a safe housing and by working together we minimize risks and help everyone.

Best regards
The board