Association meeting 2021

BRF Generatorn
Association meeting 2021

This years association meeting will be held as a postal voting. This means that all members have received a form that shall be filled and returned at the latest on April 23. This will replace the ordinary association meeting that usually takes place in a meeting place.

The association meeting documents are here (only in swedish).

Agenda for association meeting 2021
Budget 2021
Annual report

Presentation candidates to the board
Proposition from the board – Security company

Protocol association meeting 2020
Statutes Brf Generatorn Association meeting/Annual meeting
Post voting form

We have also printed a number of copies of the documents and placed in the following locations:
• Mangle room in laundry room, Tre krokars gata 20
• Mangle room in laundry room, Generatorgatan 1
• Bookcase by the Sauna, Generatorgatan 3

Return of forms
Filled in forms shall be returned to the cooperatives postal box (Generatorgatan 3A, one flight down) at latest April 23. Please return the form in the appended envelope.
It is also possible to send the form by email to, but the paper form needs to be signed and scanned.

Vote counting and webcast
The formal association meeting including count of votes will be held April 25 from kl 15.00.
This will be webcast on address for those that are interested in viewing the event.